Beyond Roofing

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Beyond Roofing Branding

Beyond Roofing is a new self owned roofing and contracting business in the Northern Kentucky area. The company was created after the owner decided to branch out from a partnership and establish their own business. With the intention of breaking from the traditional basic design seen in the industry, this project required a more modern, fun touch on a straightforward business while still maintaining a clean presentable look.

Creating the Logo

The owner wanted the logo to combine the concept of roofing with an arrow, indicating the core of what the brand does while also denoting the even greater breadth they offer. ‘Beyond Roofing’ having the double meaning that they do contracting and other things beyond roofing, and that the work they do is about more than just installing a roof, it’s about relationship. The logo needed to embody all of these attributes while still maintaining simplicity. A secondary logo with just the ‘BR’ is used for instances where a smaller format is needed for clarity and legibility.

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