A little about me. 

Hi, I’m Brooklynn!

I have been based out of Louisville, KY for the past 5 years while attending the University of Louisville. I have recently earned my BFA in both Graphic Design and Photography, as well as a minor in Business Administration.

I have a unique experience of seeing the world through the three different lenses of my education: combining graphic design, photography, and business have made me into a strong creative asset. I believe these three elements overlap in a critical way, as evident in publication design, product development, and advertising. I have a resulting high interest in these areas, but I have found that my ultimate strength lies in unraveling the ever-evolving demands of tailoring design to the needs of our society. I am excited to solve problems and undergo projects in a wide umbrella of design to further understand the ways my art and ideas can be implemented to make a difference in our social stratosphere.

In the time I spend for myself, I love shopping for books faster than I can read them, cooking or baking (ALWAYS for loved ones), and spending time at the nearest open-floor gym. It’s bittersweet that my undergraduate career has finished, but I am ready to embark on the next step of my career and enter the creative field as a business woman, photographer, and most importantly, a graphic designer.